A career,
not a job

By joining the Opcare team, you will face a whole spectrum of professional possibilities. A clear progression structure will be in place from day one, with milestones recognised and celebrated. We believe in rewarding based on merit, not merely on number of years served, and will give you the opportunity to stretch and challenge yourself.

Clinicians are encouraged to pursue specialisms, such as paediatric care, management, or research and development. Our Director of Clinical Services even started with us as a new graduate!

Having access to the vast pool of knowledge available is a definite advantage of working within a large company, which still has a familiar feel of a smaller business. Katy Leslie

Clinical development

At Opcare, we invest in our people. You will be supported with a programme of clinical training appropriate to your skill level and career aspirations. Centralised training courses are delivered frequently throughout the year, and you will have the opportunity to attend international conferences and events. Recent trips have been as far-flung as Australia, the USA, and South Africa!

If you’re a new graduate, you’ll be mentored by more experienced members of the team to nurture your skills and confidence, and our online clinician hub facilitates knowledge sharing with a device library, journals and textbooks, and an interactive forum. We also run an Annual Scientific Meeting during which clinicians are encouraged to showcase their work and learn from each other.

Opcare's passion for developing great clinicians is evident through a continual CPD programme and structured mentoring. I would recommend Opcare to anyone looking to develop as a clinician. Michael Battagello


Innovative practice has a marked impact on patient care. We have developed facilities which use the most advanced systems in the world for meeting patients’ needs, such as CAD/CAM, biomechanical assessment, and gait analysis laboratories. You will have access to state of the art equipment for use on a daily basis. You will become skilled in shape capture and modification, and will be invited to frequent training sessions to practise new techniques and share best practice. We are dedicated to being at the forefront of the industry, and continuously look for ways to improve our service. Innovation is paramount.

The best part of working for Opcare has been the ability to develop my clinical skills further, particularly the use of 3D scanning technology. I have been able to develop my skills with the Omega scanner system and work extensively with the software throughout the clinics I run. Dino Christodoulou


With over 120 clinicians across 32 centres, you'll be in good company! We have a friendly and diverse team, with talented clinicians of all levels and nationalities. As the largest service provider in the UK, we are in a unique position to offer a clinical community. Our centres are widespread geographically, from London to Manchester to rural Scotland, but clinicians remain connected through joint training, events, and knowledge-sharing.

The team is very open and welcoming to newcomers. Mark Killaars

Joining Opcare from abroad

We’re always keen to diversify our team and bring in talent from across the world. Moving to a new country can be daunting, so our HR team will help guide you through it – providing everything from relocation support to advice on UK-specific working requirements, such as registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). We’ll take your skills and personal goals into account to ease you into your most suitable role, with welcoming colleagues to help you feel at home right away.

Get in touch to find out more about our international recruitment process.

English not being my first language, I was a little afraid of how my communication would be with colleagues and patients but the environment is great, everyone is so welcoming and happy to help when you need it. Rute Santos

About us

Opcare is the largest combined service provider in the UK and Ireland, specialising in the provision of Prosthetic, Orthotic, and Posture and Mobility services.

Founded in 1989, we have 29 years of experience and growth in the sector, and successfully run over 30 facilities across the UK and Ireland. Our clinicians, technicians and office staff are all dedicated to the united goal of improving patient care across the three services. The user is at the heart of our service, and we aim to offer high quality evidence-based care.

Opcare is part of the Ability Matters Group, which employs over 550 people and operates across Europe. In addition to its service provision, the Group also has a manufacturing and distributing arm, private treatment facilities, and mobility product retail stores.

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We are always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team.
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